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It was a terrific day on the water, not only for one who caught his first salmon at Point No Point 54 years ago, but also for the father/daughter duo spending quality time together in an interesting environment. There was sunshine, brisk temperatures, a sack lunch and hot drinks, and lots of elbowroom on Admiralty Inlet. It was winter Blackmouth charter boating at its best.
– Wayne Kruse

Herald Columnist reporting on fishing and outdoor sports in Snohomish County.

Gary Krein will immediately impress almost anybody he meets as a savvy “old salt“. He has the confident and unassuming air of a seaman who has experienced more than most on the water and assembled a depth and breadth of experience not frequently surpassed.

Gary runs All Star Fishing Charters, and has done so for the last 23 years. He would be a tough man to fool when it comes to boating and fishing in our local waters- and seems to have a keen sense for people as well as for finding fish. – Chuck Gould writer Norwesting magazine

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