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Blackmouth Salmon (Winter King Salmon)

Blackmouth Salmon are immature King Salmon not going up the rivers to spawn, Mostly 2 to 3 year old (Chinook) King salmon that are feeding and growing till they are mature enough to make their river spawning run.

King Salmon in their teenage years of their life cycle.

All Star Fishing Charters Blackmouth Salmon fishing tips

Number one and most important rule is find the bait and you will find these fish.

Blackmouth are teenage king salmon and are just like teenage people
If the refrigerator is full that is where you will find them
They might eat any time of the day and some days it is all day long.

Trolling for Puget Sound (Blackmouth) King Salmon.

Time of Day
Tides and Currents

Time of Day
King Salmon adults bite early dawn and late evening, not necessarily so for Blackmouth as lots of the best bites occur in the middle of the day. Tides and currents play a very important role in concentrating the bait fish and making for good Blackmouth Salmon fishing.

Tides and Currents
One of the most important factors in Successful Blackmouth salmon catching is studying the water movement as it reacts to the bottom contour.
Bait fish – Herring, Candlefish do not like fighting strong currents and will seek refuge from the currents along ledges, drop offs and behind points that form back eddies. These are the places to look for concentrations of baitfish and feeding Blackmouth

Location to name a few
Area 8.1
Baby Island, Green Bank, North Bluff, Onamac
Area 8.2
Elger Bay, Camano Head, Race Track, Gedney Island
Area 9
Possession Bar, Double Bluff, Point No Point, Mid Channel Bank
Area 10
Kingston, Jefferson Head, West Point

Spoons, Plugs, Flasher and Squids are all used to catch these Blackmouth.
I like Plugs when they will catch the Blackmouth.
Plugs work best when fished in and around lots of bait fish.
Flasher and Spoons are very productive for these fish
Spoons can be fished by them self or behind a flasher or dodger.
Best Luck is fishing them 38 inches behind an 11 inch flasher.
Gold Star king fishers are good producers.
Many colors will work, but some green in them has been best.

You likely will see Seals, Sea Lions, and numerous birds such as Eagles, Sea Gulls and diving birds. You also have a good chance to see Whales and Porpoise.

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