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Flounder (Sand Dab) fishing Seattle

Let's hear it for the simple, but ever-so-tasty common sand dab.

Aggressive Biters
Sand dabs are aggressive biters once you drift a tasty morsel in front of their nose, and they seem to bite well on both sides of the tide. Gearing and baiting up for sand dabs is quite basic, and there’s nothing technical about this sport, which makes it great for novice anglers and one of the kids favorites.
While they will not rate a second glance or pin you to the rail during a fight, nonetheless sand dabs have other qualities that makes them worth going after.
San dab fishing is a social event. 

The fish come in swarms.
With just a little luck they start to bite. And when they bite, the fish come in swarms. It's not unusual for a group to come home with as many as 10 sand dabs each.
Angling for sand dabs fills in that void when nothing else is going on, and it’s a lot of fun

Conclusion to a Great Day
Working the water with family or friends makes for an enjoyable day, and having that salt breeze in your face all day will certainly develop a healthy appetite.

Melt in your mouth like tasty potato chips
Deep fried and with the right mix of seasoning, sand dabs melt in your mouth like tasty potato chips
Sand dabs may be the sweetest tasting fish on the Pacific coast and you can debone them on your plate in seconds.  Squeeze some lime or lemon juice over the fish and yum yum, a nutritious sand dab feast cooked in under 10 minutes and served piping hot
Here’s a very basic recipe to use.

  1. Sand dabs headed and gutted.

  2. All-purpose flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

  3. One beaten egg.

  4. Olive oil

Take cleaned sand dabs and dip them into the egg. Next dredge sand dabs in seasoned flour. Add just enough olive oil to cover bottom of pan and set at medium high heat. Put sand dabs into the pan and cook until golden brown on each side then serve.

Most flounder fishing trips are scheduled as private charters
Check prices page for private trips.

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